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Day 2 – Log

Today’s report.  FAIL (again).

I went out at lunch to a nearby town shopping centre.  Out of every girl I saw, there were only 3 people who I found attrative.

Girl 1 – walked past her at a cashpoint.  Walked straight past, turned around and then joined the queue.  Off she walks.

Girl 2 – spotted her walking in the opposite direction.  Let her go.

Girl 3 – Standing in a queue (daydreaming).  She said excuse me as I was holding everyone up.  Looked over, loked away, looked back and semi smiled (she smiled back).  Spent too long trying to think of something to say, instead I said nothing.

I’m such a pussy.

It’s annoying as I’ve read a lot of stuff about approaching and pick up.  Perhaps too much information is crippling.  Tomorrow I’ll try something simpler – just a hi, how’s it going.

Things will get better.


Day 1 – Log

So today was the first day of my mission.  I had to run some errands around town so I thought it would be a good time to start.  I saw pretty girl after pretty girl and the same thing happened.  They walked on past, out of my life as quick as they entered.

In all cases, I found an excuse, an excuse to stay the same.  It must have happened around 10 times in the two hours that I was out.  These were some of the excuses.

  • I don’t look cool enough
  • I don’t want to interrupt
  • I don’t know what to say
  • There was no sign
  • People were watching
  • No one would want to talk to me.

All of the above were just excuses – comfort wins over growth yet again.

It’s going to be harder than I thought – maybe I’ll do better tomorrow.