About this blog

This is a blog about a journey, my journey, from where I am to what I could be. It’s a journey about choosing to do the hard thing in order to get better.

I’m sick of just letting things happen (especially when it comes to women). I’m 25 and think it’s about time I started taking control and living a less reactive life – to become an architect of my life.

I want to be the kind of person who is not afraid to grab the opportunities that life presents.  I’ve decided to take a part of life that I suck at (approaching women) and consistently practice to improve.  I’ll do this by approaching once a day and recording what happens.

I want to stop regretting the things I haven’t done.  I want to at least look back and say that I had a go.

A massive part of my feeling is that I am unable to take a risk, to go out on a limb.  I always choose comfort over growth.

This is my attempt to sort this out, one approach a day until I’m comfortable in my own skin.


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