Day 2 – Log

Today’s report.  FAIL (again).

I went out at lunch to a nearby town shopping centre.  Out of every girl I saw, there were only 3 people who I found attrative.

Girl 1 – walked past her at a cashpoint.  Walked straight past, turned around and then joined the queue.  Off she walks.

Girl 2 – spotted her walking in the opposite direction.  Let her go.

Girl 3 – Standing in a queue (daydreaming).  She said excuse me as I was holding everyone up.  Looked over, loked away, looked back and semi smiled (she smiled back).  Spent too long trying to think of something to say, instead I said nothing.

I’m such a pussy.

It’s annoying as I’ve read a lot of stuff about approaching and pick up.  Perhaps too much information is crippling.  Tomorrow I’ll try something simpler – just a hi, how’s it going.

Things will get better.


Day 1 – Log

So today was the first day of my mission.  I had to run some errands around town so I thought it would be a good time to start.  I saw pretty girl after pretty girl and the same thing happened.  They walked on past, out of my life as quick as they entered.

In all cases, I found an excuse, an excuse to stay the same.  It must have happened around 10 times in the two hours that I was out.  These were some of the excuses.

  • I don’t look cool enough
  • I don’t want to interrupt
  • I don’t know what to say
  • There was no sign
  • People were watching
  • No one would want to talk to me.

All of the above were just excuses – comfort wins over growth yet again.

It’s going to be harder than I thought – maybe I’ll do better tomorrow.

Hello and Welcome

So this is the first post.  Perhaps a little explanation.

I lack confidence and consistently choose to exist in my comfort zone.  I want to change.  A big part of this is becoming more successful talking and interacting with strangers (particularly attractive females).  At the moment I have massive approach anxiety when approaching strangers.  This, I believe is the key to my journey towards introducing my best self to the world.

I read a post recently that said “people skills are the keys to your success and happiness“.  I genuinely believe this and I think it’s important that I step out of my comfort zone and pro-actively tackle my issues.

Inspired by the writings on this blog, I’ve decided to take  responsibility, as I am the one who has the biggest impact on my future.  As recommend (you need to register on to get the full text), the thing that will help most is to approach every day, without fail, and to learn from every interaction.

So that’s that.  The secret to success lies in people skills.  Learning happens when you step outside your comfort zone.  An approach a day is extremeley outside my comfort zone.  I’ll try and record what happens – look out for the “log” tag.